American Barn

An American barn is the ideal stabling solution for those in exposed areas, or simply for those who prefer to hold everything under one roof.

We believe a barn should not only function as the perfect home for your horse, but it should look good too. Therefore, every barn manufactured by Devonshire Stables is designed to maximise natural light and airflow. In addition to full-length clear roofing sheets above each stable, we fit sliding rear-doors in each stable, allowing you to adjust light and airflow as much or as little as is required each day.

The roof of a barn endures a lot of stress over the years. As a result, we only use 6x2 CLS trusses and perlins. In combination with steel roofing and anti-condensation lining, you not only have a structure that is built to last, but also one that will continue to look great for years to come.

The interior of our barns use the same high-quality materials and are manufactured with 18mm OSB Kick-boarding as standard, though you can upgrade to plywood or 50mm stock board if you'd prefer. We then fit galvanised bar grills between stables, and on stable fronts, in addition to chew strips on all stable doors. Additional door-frame protectors can be fitted if required.


  • 4 x 2 CLS Framing
  • 2 x 4ft wide barn doors, and 3ft wide rear access door
  • Anti-condensation backed steel roof
  • 4ft wide stables bottom doors with Animal safe bolts
  • High quality 16mm thick redwood shiplap cladding
  • 1 clear roof light per stable
  • Guttering down both sides
  • 11mm OSB kick boarding (Plywood or 50mm stock board available for additional cost)
  • Galvanised grilles
  • Rear sliding doors

Available Sizes

We have set barn sizes , which you can view below, so that you can easily compare our prices with those of our competitors. If you require a custom size, we specialise in bespoke builds, meaning we can adjust all aspects of the building to suit your requirements.

  • 4 Stables at 10ft x 10ft each
  • 4 Stables at 12ft x 12ft each
  • 8 Stables at 10ft x 10ft each
  • 8 Stables at 12ft x 12ft each


Number of StablesStable SizeSteel door-edgingBase Price
412ftx12ft+£70 per door£8,500
612ftx12ft+£70 per door£13,500
812ftx12ft+£70 per door£16,000

ALL prices INCLUDE VAT @20%

American Barn - Further Information

For a gallery of images showing our American barns we have previously assembled, please go to our Facebook page.

If you would like more information about our barns, to place an order, or to schedule a call, please contact us.