American Barn

Our American barn style stables are of the upmost quality and are second to none. We pride ourselves with our high quality specification, even on our basic barn packages.
Below you will find all you should need to make a decision on what kind of barn will suit you and the pricing to go with it.


  • 4 x 2 CLS Framing – it gives the building a stronger frame allowing it to take the weight of the roof, and avoid any of the timbers bending and warping over time
  • 2 x 4ft wide barn doors, and 3ft wide rear access door – allowing easy access for horses and bales of hay to enter and exit the barn, with a small rear door, for easier access from the real of the barn
  • Anti-condensation backed steel roof – This is a must on any steel roofed barn! This type of steel will prevent condensation from forming on the roof and dripping into the barn, giving it a higher quality and long lasting roofing material
  • 4ft wide stables bottom doors with Animal safe bolts – for all of those big clever horses that can work their way around a standard Brenton bolt! with an extra-long chew strip these doors will most certainly look the part
  • High quality 16mm thick redwood shiplap cladding - a tough strong cladding that will stand up to the elements, all our timber is Tanalised so will not need any other treatment for 10 years!
  • 1 clear roof light per stable – a clear roof light will let a lot of light into your stables and is a must have in any internal stable building!
  • Guttering down both sides – to collect A LOT of rain water from the sheer size of the roof
  • 11mm OSB kick boarding – for a basic protection of the lower 4ft of the stables from being damaged!
  • Galvanised grilles – to the front of the stables and in all partitions
  • Rear sliding doors - Our rear doors are easy to use and extremely easy to maintain, and so much more beneficial compared with a standered opening and closing door. With a sliding door, you can set how wide you want the door to open, maybe only a little to let the air flow in and out, or all the way, so the horse can look out over on to the fields or onto the yard! Gives the stable and even bigger feel

ALL prices INCLUDE VAT @20%

We can make a barn any size you want! But here are our standard size barns and prices which include the above specification:

  • 4 Stables at 10ft x 10ft each  £8,000
  • 4 Stables at 12ft x 12ft each  £8,500
  • 8 Stables at 10ft x 10ft each  £14,000
  • 8 Stables at 12ft x 12ft each  £16,000


American Barn - Steel door edgingSteel Door Edging for Stables fronts

£70 per door frame

Steel door edging completes the look of the Stables front.

With full height edging with built in steel door jamb - the full height edging prevents the horses from chewing away at the door posts extending the life of the building even further!

The door jamb prevents the door from swinging back too far past the auto locking door bolt.

American Barn - kick boarding11mm Tanalised Plywood Kick boarding

£100 per stable

They 11mm tanalised Plywood kickboarding replaces the standard 11mm OSB Sterling board kickboarding. The tanalised kickboarding has a tighter grain so is stronger and with it being tanalised, it will be able to get wet without expanding. It can also with stand bigger impacts without breaking compared to OSB. We kickboard to 4ft as standard, if you would like it kick boarded to full height then please contact us for an independent quote.

American Barn - Further Information

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